Uue Testamendi tõlkimisest Rootsi ajal: käsikirjad, tõlkijad ja eesti kirjakeel


Tartu : Tartu Ülikooli Kirjastus, c2011

260 p. : ill

Dissertationes philologiae estonicae Universitatis Tartuensis, 1406-1325 ; 27

ISBN: 9789949198160

Softcover in very good condition


Translation of the New Testament during Swedish rule: manuscripts, translators and Estonian literary language.

The thesis concentrates on the history of Estonian Bible translation and literary language from the mid-17th century to the publication of the New Testament in Tallinn language in 1715. The thesis includes seven articles: two articles analyse the manuscripts of the New Testament in the Estonian Historical Archives that previously have not been studied systematically. Two articles are dedicated to Estonian language discussions from the end of 1680s and the beginning of 1690s. Three remaining articles cover individual questions relating to the topic: the principles for compiling Heinrich Göseken’s dictionary, the autobiography of Adrian Virginius, the publisher of church literature in Tartu language, and the orders by Charles XI from the beginning of the 1680s relating to the translation of the New Testament into Estonian and the publishing of the translation. The thesis has successfully applied a critical analysis and detailed study of sources thereby enabling to refute some opinions that have prevailed in previous studies and bring to light new sources that until now have passed unnoticed.

Tafenau, Kai
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