English folk-song and dance

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Cambridge : University Press, 1915

178 lk. : ill.

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  • English folk-song: the origin of folk-song, the cante-fable, the construction of folk-music, changes that occur in folk-music, the quality of folk-song, and its diffusion, the movement for collecting English folk-song, the noting of folk-music, the different classes of folk-song, the narrative ballad, love songs and mystic songs, the pastoral, drinking songs and humorous songs, highwayman and poacher songs, soldier songs, sea songs, pressgang songs, hunting and sporting songs, songs of labour, traditional carols, the ballad sheet and song garland.
  • English folk-dance: the Morris dance-to-day, tunes, musical instruments, the dress, extra characters, the Sword dance, the Furry dance, the country dance, the present-day revival of the folk-dance. 
Kidson, Frank / Neal, Mary