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Tartu Ülikooli Raamatukogu postkaartide komplekt




Tartu University Library postcards set from UT Library fonds. Contains following 8 postcards: M. Kampmaa "Estonian Homel and" (1918); R. von zur Mühlen "Baltische Gesänge" (1894) - titel page of a songbook; K. E. Sööt "Sheaves Gut by the Sickle of the Moon" (1937) - woodcut by E. Kollom; M. Under "Bleeding Wound" (1920) - the author's signature and dedication to H. Kruus. Cover by A. Vabbe; Petrarca "De secreto conflictu curarum mearum" - parchment codex from mid-15th century; F. Menius "Historischer Prodromus des Lieffländischen Rechtens" (1633) - printed at Tartu University Press; J. W. Goethe "Sicilian Landscape" (1787), water color; "Writing-pages..." (1818), manuscript of the first Estonian textbook of orthography. From the Archive of the Censorship Committee.

Tartu Ülikooli Raamatukogu
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