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Raamat kaktustest


Tallinn : Valgus, 1978

127 pages : illustrated

Hardcover, used book in good condition


The book is a narrative by an amateur cactus grower about their experiences. The author takes the reader along the path that all beginner plant enthusiasts inevitably go through. The fascinating world of the 3000-member cactus family is vividly and expressively described, including their history of research, distribution, propagation, practical use in their native habitats, and the possibilities and prospects of their use in our environment.
In terms of indoor cactus cultivation, the book extensively covers the challenges of their care. The author teaches the reader to approach cactus cultivation with awareness and provides simple and witty techniques (such as arranging cool winter conditions for cacti indoors, implementing filtered shade, etc.)

Zaletajeva, Irina
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