Eesti kool aegade voolus I.  Koolinõuniku mälestusi
  • Eesti kool aegade voolus I.  Koolinõuniku mälestusi

Eesti kool aegade voolus. I köide, Koolinõuniku mälestusi


Märt Raud

Stockholm : EMP, 1965

243 p. : ill.

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Märt Raud, a schoolteacher, public figure, and publicist, has documented in this work the developmental history of Estonian popular education over the course of nearly three centuries. It is a dramatic narrative of how the peasant population became a cultured community, to the extent that illiteracy among Estonians had been eradicated by the end of the past century.
However, the author's primary focus is on the development of Estonian folk schools during the independent era of Estonia, with all its challenges, difficulties, and triumphs. Märt Raud has chosen to present his work in the lively form of memoirs, making it a captivating read for anyone interested in Estonian cultural history.
In a long succession, the reader witnesses the tireless workers over three centuries to whom the Estonian people owe their gratitude. It is thanks to them that we can exist today as an educated nation and enjoy the benefits that education provides in modern society.
Although we live in a divided world, there is all the more reason to preserve the values that have been collected over many generations. Märt Raud's significant work provides an overview of one of our national treasures.

Raud , Märt
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