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Марийская поэма
  • Марийская поэма

Марийская поэма

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Тарту : Издательство Тартусково университета, 1998

159 pages

Dissertationes philologiae uralicae Universitatis Tartuensis ; 4

ISBN: 9985563182

Paperback and in good condition book


The Mari poem primarily emerged from the artistic reinterpretation of folklore. Folklore contained all the characteristics of the poetic genre, offering inexhaustible plot motifs and providing examples of storytelling and plot development. Drawing on the popular imagination of an ideal hero, the authors of the first lyric-epic works developed principles for depicting national characters. The heartfelt lyricism and dramatic experiences of folklore prepared the ground for the development of the lyrical element in the poem. The foundation of Mari versification became the melodic verse

Doctoral theses defended at the University of Tartu.

Summary in Estonian

Чеснокова, Софья
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