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Urwaldwildnis Borneo : 3000 Kilometer Zickzackmarsch durch Asiens grösste Insel


Leipzig : Brockhaus, 1957

332 pages : illustrated

Covered hardcover used book in good condition.


Urwaldwildnis Borneo: 3000 Kilometer Zickzackmarsch durch Asiens größte Insel" is a book written by Karl Helbig about his adventures in Borneo. He trekked over 3000 kilometers, exploring the island's nature, culture, and history. The book focuses on Borneo's rich wildlife, including encounters with orangutans, elephants, and other animals, as well as his interactions with the locals and their traditions. It offers a comprehensive and insightful overview of what Borneo has to offer in terms of adventure and experiences.

Helbig, Karl
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