"Inimene ja jumal" 1962 : dokumendikogumik V. Kingissepa nimelise Tallinna Riikliku Akadeemilise Draamateatri lavastusest


Authors: A. H. Tammsaare, Voldemar Panso

Tallinn : Eesti Raamat, 1988

477 pages : illustrated

Hardcover used book in good condition.


The collection compiled by art scholar Lea Tormis and commented on by her provides an overview of the creation, staging, and reception of the play "Inimene ja jumal" (Man and God), which received the State Prize of the Estonian SSR. It covers both the local and the Soviet and international press reception.
In the preface, the editor discusses previous adaptations/stagings of the second part of "Tõde ja õigus" (Truth and Justice) and the birth and significance of V. Panso's "Inimene ja jumal" in its time.
The following contents are included: correspondence of V. Panso, reflecting the maturation of the directorial ideas; a summary of the second part of the novel; the play adaptation; recollections of those involved in the production; reviews of the play in the press; the audience's assessment based on the minutes of the discussion meeting of Tallinn University of Culture's listeners and excerpts from the 11th grade literature assignments in Estonian schools; and a bibliography of the production.
The book is illustrated with photographs of the mentioned play and previous productions, letters, and other documents.

Tammsaare, A. H.
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