Основы цитогенетики человека


Moskva : Медицина, 1969

544 p. : ill.

Hardcover used book in good condition with a dustcover.


The book is devoted to the recently emerged science - human cytogenetics.

Its subject matter is the chromosomes, the structures of the cell nucleus, the material carriers of heredity. The three fundamental processes are mitosis; meiosis and fertilization ensure the continuity of the chromosome system and, accordingly, properties in a number of human generations. The book presents modern data on the structure and functioning of the evolutionarily fixed system of human chromosomes and on the causes that cause violations of their number, structure and behavior. In the last decade, it has been found that these changes in the chromosome set entail severe diseases and malformations in humans. Studies of the chromosome complex are in many cases necessary for the correct diagnosis and, consequently, the treatment and prevention of a number of diseases. The book highlights the clinical features of syndromes caused by chromosomal abnormalities, and outlines the basic principles of treatment and medical genetic counseling. The book is intended for physicians of various specialties, cytogeneticists and geneticists, as well as for medical students and biologists.

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