Sibiriens kalla famn : röster från en förlorad generation


Stockholm : Hjalmarson & Högberg, 2006

199 p. 

Hardcover, in good condition. 


Surprisingly few people know how extensive communism's violations of human rights were in the Soviet Union, what actually happened and how this has affected today's society.

In the cold embrace of Siberia, we get to meet some of those who survived and hear their stories. They were all children, whose childhood came to an abrupt end with the Soviet occupation.

All stories are genuine and self-experienced by those who tell them. What makes their stories relevant today is that there are still, in a new century, people who are forced to endure similar purgatory, even though they themselves have no crime to atone for. Maybe it can be avoided in the future?

Kivikas, Malle
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