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Tuvi hõljumises
  • Tuvi hõljumises

Tuvi hõljumises

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Vilnius : Petro ofsetas, 2005

314 pages

ISBN: 995553494X

Hardcover book in very good condition.


The Lithuanian writer Vytautas Bubnys' novel tells the story of events that took place during and after the 1990s Bosnian War in the part of Bosnia inhabited by Croatian Catholics, Bosnian Muslims, and Serbian Orthodox Christians. The main character, Egon Ruga, a young man with an art background, exchanges the Franciscan robe for a machine gun and flees the monastery to fight alongside the Muslims. After a while, the brutal fratricidal war forces Egon to seek inner peace, and he embarks on a journey, eventually finding solace in a church where he begins the restoration of ancient frescoes.

Bubnys, Vytautas
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