Revident. Komöödia viies vaatuses
  • Revident. Komöödia viies vaatuses

Revident : komöödia viies vaatuses


Tallinn : Eesti Riiklik Kirjastus, 1952

106 pages

Hardcover used book in satisfactory condition.


The power elite in the small town of becomes agitated when they receive news that an auditor from the capital city is coming to visit their town. What's more, the auditor is rumored to have secret instructions! The fear among the officials about the exposure of their various misdeeds reaches its peak when suddenly a suspicious stranger named Hlestakov appears seemingly out of nowhere. A comical game of deception ensues, where one lie piles on top of another, to the point where no one can stop this snowball of falsehoods anymore.

The works of Russian writer Nikolai Gogol, who had Ukrainian origins (1809–1852), have had a significant influence on both Russian and Western literature. While Gogol's early short stories, largely inspired by Ukrainian folklore, also garnered attention and praise, it was the satirical play "The Government Inspector" (also known as "The Inspector General") that marked his brilliant breakthrough in the world of literature.

Gogol, Nikolai
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