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Kannata : romaanitriloogia. II osa


Tartu : Ilmamaa, 1998

280 pages

2nd edition

ISBN: 9985878418

Softcover book in very good condition


The sequel to the story of medical student Jaagup in Tartu during the World War began to unfold in the book "Dear Mari". The war for freedom confuses the existing way of life and shakes beliefs and human relationships that have already started to form. In the book, the entire situation at that time and the identity of the young person related to it are outlined, and the search for truths takes place in his head incessantly. Besides Jaagup, the book also has another main character - the city of Tartu with its houses, streets, and wartime milieu, and this also adds an exciting cultural-historical level to the novel.

Mikelsaar, Ustav
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