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Valge jumala faktor


Tallinn : Eesti Keele Sihtasutus, 2005

245 pages

ISBN: 9985791142

Softcover book in fine condition.


White God Factor in Estonian

A novel set in the frenetic gold rush of post-communist Russia before its all-too brief taste of raw capitalism collapses in the great economic crash of 1998. The brilliant but volatile Godunev, a former Moscow kiosk worker, returns from New York and Miami hoping to make a quick fortune while the country's assets are still up for grabs. Using his hipster credentials to infiltrate Moscow's aspirational emerging super-rich "biznismen" scene, he gets caught up in machinations to privatize the Kremlin, and eventually finds himself out of his depths in a Russia of oligarchs, gangsters, models and prostitutes that is hurtling towards its own demise. But amidst the violence, callousness and audacity of the time, Gudonev also reflects many of his countrymen's sentiments: the passion of relationships; the extremities of life; a re-assertion of Russian culture; and a pervasive love-hate relationship with the US and the West.

Maheshwari, Vijai
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