Alternatiive otsides: uurimuste ja artiklite kogumik 1987-1999
  • Alternatiive otsides: uurimuste ja artiklite kogumik 1987-1999

Alternatiive otsides : uurimuste ja artiklite kogumik 1987-1999


Jaan Tepadi

Tallinn: Tallinna Tehnikaülikooli Kirjastus, 2000

368 pages

ISBN: 9985591593

Softcover book in good condition.


The author has developed a unique understanding that everyone is obligated not only to secure their own and their descendants' well-being but also, according to their abilities and means, to act in the interest of fellow human beings and society. The pages of this book are imbued with the mentioned idea. This is not a profound philosophy; the author simply observes the situation in one area of Estonian society's functioning - economics, which they have some familiarity with—and offers solutions. What could have been done and can still be done better so that a small million-strong nation is provided with the basics, lives a dignified, secure life in both material and spiritual terms, and continues to develop.

In conclusion, it is hoped that the healthy and balanced forces of the Estonian people, including both direct and background-shaping leaders and the emerging generation of modern-educated business leaders, will find adequate, high ethical-level solutions to the situation. It is hoped that the economic and societal downturn will ultimately be overcome, and progress will regain momentum.

Tepandi, Jaan
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